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Checkmate are stockist of Ceratizit Tips and these are fully endorsed on all product serviced and manufactured by Checkmate.


Ceratizit are the worlds leading TCT tip manufacturers with operations that are now worldwide. We are extremely  proud to be associated twth the Ceratizit brand.


Checkmate stock a large variety of Tips, both TCT and Stellite Tips, along with Stellite Rod and TCT Bar.

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Radis line coated long life knife steel

The winning solution for customers who require maximum quality, high precision, top weight tolerance.

High quality means longer life, lower purchases, lower production costs and economic saving.

Benefits and efficiency:

1. Performing quality steel guarantee maximum levels from first to last use

2. Top quality edge for long life sharpening

3. Extremely resistant coating for a maximum performance

4. Up to 4-6 times longer life compared to a standard HSS

5. Drastically reduction of sharpening time and production stop for re-sharpening

6. Significant saving in sharpening costs


Heavy Duty Cutter heads

Planning and moulding high speed cutter blocks as well as Spiral pre gauging heads with index carbide knives available in Hydraulic and Conventional Bores


Heavy Duty Spiral Conventional Cutterhead


Heavy Duty Spiral Hydraulic Cutterhead


 Hydraulic Sleeve Clamping Systems

Ideal for clamping saws and Brazed tipped Conventional bored cutters to high speed spindles for great performance accuracy and safety

All Types are available with safety clamps rings and fixing bolts as well as spindle locks.



  •  Filter paper

  • Hydro Grease 

  • Feed Rollers 

  • Grinding Coolant

  • Grinder Tank Cleaner 

  • Industrial Cleaner

  • Bed Lube 

  • Air Guns 

heavy duty airguns
Polyurethane feed rollers checkmate.png
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