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Checkmate Precision Cutting Tools has been at the leading edge of industrial cutting technology for over 40 years. They were pioneers in the development of tungsten-tipped saw blades in the 1960’s and diamond-tipped saw blades in the 1980’s, today Checkmate’s products and services continue to be sought after by leading companies throughout New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific.

Head office centrally located in Rotorua ( Bay of Plenty ), and our Australian Factory and Office is based in Melbourne, both offering close contact within the Wood industry, allowing swift response to industry needs and changes.

Today Checkmate has 3 service branches based in Rotorua , Napier, and Nelson, and onsite contracts throughout New Zealand and Australia.

In 1998 the company name changed to Checkmate Precision Cutting Tools LTD, reflecting an ongoing commitment to innovation, excellence and a true reflection of its wide product range. The product range includes a full complement of sawmill supplies, customised saws in both Circular and Band, machining knives, a range of wood industry tools, new and used grinding machinery and a professional saw, knife and tool sharpening service. It’s Factory has some of the most advanced grinding equipment in Australasia offering superior grinding, honing and a specialist grinder for Poly Crystalline Diamond (PCD).

Checkmate has aligned itself with leading steel plate and bandsaw strip manufacturers to ensure quality saws at competitive prices.

The range of Guillotine knives and slitters include the Wood, Paper, Plastic and Metal industry.


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Checkmate has many years of experienced personnel and our on-site consultants will help in maximising the performance of any cutting equipment. Our onsite Saw Shop management contracts with saw mills has had success’s proving value to our customers in keeping both performance and quality management at a high level.

Checkmate can assist you in minimising your downtimes and boosting your cutting yields - we are dedicated to keeping abreast of the latest technology, to help our customers retain a competitive edge as their industry enters the 21st century.


Checkmate was formed in 1965 as a manufacturer and service provider of Circular saws; it pioneered "Tungsten Carbide Tipped" (TCT) Circular saws in New Zealand and the first to introduce and sharpen "Diamond" (PCD) Tipped tooling.

In early 2000 Checkmate expanded into Bandsaw manufacturing / servicing and entered into many service contracts providing a total saw shop solution to the industry.

In August 2006, Checkmate expanded across the Tasman purchasing Custom Saw's in Brunswick Victoria. Custom Saws, and in January 2008 a saw shop was set up in Tasmania on the FEA site.


Checkmate has made a large commitment to the timber industry through re-investing in up-to-date plant and machinery, staff training and ensuring the supply of Quality competitively priced products and services.

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Sales & Marketing Manager

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Chief Executive Officer

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Remanufacturing Sales Manager

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Financial Controller

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